CKD Mines is currently in the preliminary stages of developing the Gething Mine project. Since 2010, CKD Mines has contracted with Norwest, Stantec to begin baseline environmental reviews, project feasibility studies and early design work for advanced exploration.

CKD Mines has been consulting with related First Nations for several years to identify and understand their areas of interests and concerns.  The company will continue to consult with First Nations throughout the regulatory process and the life of the project.

CKD Mines as the project proponent has submitted a request for a bulk sample permit to the provincial government for the proposed Gething Mine. This permit will allow CKD Mines to conduct advanced exploration. The material extracted from the site will be tested to confirm the metallurgical coal deposit.

Construction and extraction of the bulk sample is estimated to take two years. No work will begin at the site until all necessarily government and regulatory approvals have been received. Consultation with First Nations and engagement with nearby communities has been ongoing throughout the planning process and will continue throughout the lifespan of the project.

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