Gething Project


The primary goal of CKD Mines is to introduce the advanced underground technologies and experience into British Columbia. Gething project is an underground metallurgical coal mine located nearly 30 kilometers west of Hudson’s Hope in northeastern British Columbia. The project is currently in the exploration, design and permitting stage.

Based on the preliminary study, the property has undergone numerous geological investigations and explorations dating back to 1971. As part of its due diligence, CKD Mines is proposing to extract a bulk sample from the property to confirm the quality and quantity to present-day standards.

If constructed, the Gething Mine will initially use an underground mining technique called “room and pillar” in the bulk sample stage, and change to “longwall” mining technique in the full mine stage. The “longwall” technique is new to Canada, CKD Mines’ majority partner has over 130 years experience in underground mining and rich expertise using “longwall” technique. It is a leader in innovation and safety with the technique.

Underground coal mining is an environmental friendly mining method. It is less common in British Columbia, where open pit mines are typically used, than elsewhere in the world. The most significant benefit to underground mining is that it allows the mine operation to occur predominantly beneath the surface, minimizing the amount of surface disturbance and environmental impact.


The Gething mine is intended to produce low ash and sulfur metallurgical coal for the purpose of steel-making. Metallurgical coal is turned into coke, a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content, which has had volatile components of coal such as water, coal-gas and coal-tar removed by heating it in an airless oven or furnace at up to 2,000 degrees Celsius. The resulting coke, along with iron ore and limestone are the primary raw materials in the production of steel.

British Columbia has broadened the trading focus since 2007, strengthening ties with Asian countries such as Japan, China and Korea. The long and successful history of British Columbia in developing and exploring natural resources makes BC very competitive, and established a “win-win” situation in the global market, for the examples of forestry, mining and fishery industries, which support the provincial economy and acquire a high quality of life for British Columbian.

The potential destinations for BC’s steel-making coal include Japan, China, Korea and other countries around the world. There are close cultural connections among them and British Columbia has many natural resources, including the steel-making coal found at the Gething property, which can help those countries support modern economic development and growth.