Trading Products


CKD’s business mandate is to work with steel producers, their affiliated sale channels, and sell to end users, distributors, and service centers in North America. Buying and selling steel is only a part of our business. Moving steel from supplier to customer is a major part of what we do.Our long standing relationships with third-party overseas suppliers all serve just one purpose: to provide our customers with the steel they need when they need it.

CKD is competitive through good financing, flexibility, and timely delivery of imported goods and commodities. CKD can provide all the associated services necessary for smooth transactions in the import and export trade.

*Prime Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheets in Coils :


Our products include steel wire, plate, Ship-building plate, Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, and also the products  shown below:

  -Grade SS50 Class 1
  -Tolerance of thickness: -0,+0.04mm aiming
  -Acc. to ASTM A653
  -Non skin Passed, Zero Spangles
  -Surface finish FA


capture2         1        111            Global-Aluminizing-Galvanized-Steel-Market    GI-Galvanized-Steel    209-1024x299-e1519448611362.jpg


*Pre-painted galvanized iron(PPGI)

-SS33 Grade
-Acc to ASTM A755 (Base metal Acc to ASTM A653) SS33
-Thickness of Painted Coating: Face side-25 (20+5) MIC
(±2 MIC); Verse side 5-7 MIC(±2 MIC)
-Thickness Nom +/- Tolerance

capture3   download (3)   download (1)

download (2)  ral1025-color-pre-painted-galvanized-coating-steel_640x640xz-e1519449928518.jpg   3b305e0



CKD is actively involved in the international trading business, supplying bulk resource commodities and raw materials to overseas and domestic markets. CKD’s volumes of 2018 from exports and imports exceeds USD $32 million, of which USD $11 million is from exports of Niobium an effective micro alloying element used in the making of hardened steel. CKD exports this high quality resource, produced by Canadian miner Niobec, to major overseas steel makers Hebei Steel and the Shougang Group in Asia.









   capture4                                             caputre5

Auto Sheet                                                                            Home Appliance Board


*Sourcing Met Coal projects and coking coal suppliers are ongoing under investigation.

capture6                                                         capture7

12 Grade Cleaned Coal for Coking                                                Thermal Coal




capture8                                                            capture9

M15-92#Methanol gasoline                                                               M15-95

capture10                                                                     capture11

  • Denatured Alcohol                                                                      Creosote
  • capture12                                                           capture13


Light Oil                                                                                       Gas Absorber Oil