• Our products include steel wire, plate, Ship-building plate, Hotrolling, Cold Rolling, and also the products shown below:
  • capture2                                                    capture3
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing                                                                               Prepainted Steel Sheet

    capture4                                             caputre5

Auto Sheet                                                                            Home Appliance Board

                 COAL PRODUCTS:

capture6                                                         capture7

12 Grade Cleaned Coal for Coking                                                             Thermal Coal

capture8                                                            capture9

M15-92#Methanol gasoline                                                               M15-95

capture10                                                                     capture11

  • Denatured Alcohol                                                                      Creosote
  • capture12                                                           capture13


Light Oil                                                                                       Gas Absorber Oil

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