Environmental protection is one of the primary long-term commitment of CKD Mines. We recognize that environmental stewardship is a critical component of the planning, development and operation of all mining projects in British Columbia.

British Columbia has some of the most stringent environmental protection laws and regulations in North America, and CKD Mines is committed to meeting all environmental standards.

In preparation for applying for a bulk sample permit to extract sample material from the proposed site to confirm the quality of the coal deposit, CKD Mines has been working with biologists, ecologists and hydrologists from Stantec to establish baseline information about environmental factors in the vicinity of the project.

These studies have been conducted by experts with extensive experience working on natural resource development projects in British Columbia and are intended to fulfill the strict regulatory requirements needed by the BC government. The studies identify potential impacts and help us to develop mitigation plans.

In addition to extensive geological and engineering surveys, environmental studies to date have included Technical Assessment Report, vegetation field surveys, habitat surveys, noise studies, water quality and water flow monitoring, Wildlife Management Plan, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, Air Quality and Dust Control Plan, and more.

Should the project proceed to a full mine, it will be required to enter a comprehensive Environmental Assessment process through the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO). CKD Mines will also include a reclamation plan that will recover the site to a similar state as it was prior to the project.

If you would like more information about environmental baseline research, planning and mitigation techniques, please contact us.